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Here’s how works:

  • First thing first, Sign Up to take a quiz and tell us your size and your style preferences.
  • Make your finest selection of your size and your product
  • Get you’re HOSIERIES BAG conveniently delivered to your door hassle FREE every month! is a women run sensual intimate brand that sells thru both monthly subscription and individual items.

We drop brand new collections the 1st week of every month between 1st to 5th.

We offer two ways of shopping experience at, one-time purchases or by purchasing a subscription and building your own bag. Those who subscribe will receive additional benefits such as discounted prices, rewards and much more. If you’d like to purchase one time and not have a recurring monthly order, browse all our available products via the SHOP menu.

  • Click here, TO select your preferred subscription package, then click “SUBSCRIBE”
  • Click “CHECK OUT”
  • Register or Log in, select your payment method
  • Complete your payment and you will be routed to a confirmation page

You will receive your first Hosieriesbag between 1st to 5th of every month have you signed up for the subscription.

This question is solely dependent on the subscription package you choose, we offer 3 subscription PLANS conveniently designed for you.

  • The Small Bag …………………………… $24.95
  • The Luxe Bag ………………………… $49.95
  • The Bridal Bag Total New & Unique…… $89.95

You will receive your own hand selected hosiery in 3 styles of knitted Hosiery from our well-known branded manufacturers. Our Hosiery Fashion experts carefully select each item based on current and emerging fashion trends, so you’re always in the know about the hottest and upcoming styles. At HOSIERIESBAG, we like YOU to focus on YOUR Hosiery accessories and much more.

Yes, absolutely that’s why we are here for YOU. You can customize or curate your own shopping bag by picking each style from our catalog and then checking out the shopping cart.

Sweet Ha!!! XOXOXO. Love from HOSIERIESBAG

Subscribe before the 15th of the month to receive that month’s Hosiery collection in a bag. If you subscribe on a date after the 15th, your subscription will start the following month.

Your subscription will renew on the same day each month based on the date you signed up. For example, if you signed up on the 12th your subscription will auto renew each month on the 12th.

We have several shipping dates throughout each month. Schedules Depend on what day you signed up for your bag. Most bags are shipped on the 4th of each month. If you aren’t sure when your ship date is please reach out to

We want to request you to keep your Account updated and current. In any event if your credit card is expired or cancelled, our system automatically cancels shipping of your next bag, if you cancel your account, you will not receive your replacement items the following month. ✨

Our site is not for minors. We are parents too. As an added bonus, now we can send you a birthday gift!

Log into your online account with your username and password. Click on the “Shipping and Billing Tab”. Click the “Update” button then change your shipping address and billing information in the boxes. That’s it! You have successfully updated your payment method. Please note that payment methods need to be updated by 25th of the month before the 1st of the next month without any exceptions. Otherwise, your will be charged to the payment method currently on file.

We accept Debit Cards, PayPal and all major credit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club) except American Express & Discover. Please contact us if you would like to pay with your checking or saving accounts.

You will be billed for your full subscription plan immediately upon you signup. Your plan will automatically renew (don’t worry, you can cancel any time) on the 25th day of the month.

We strictly go by the rules due to the nature of the products in our bags we do not accept returns unless you meet our requirements. All sales are final. You’re more than welcome to check our TOS.

Yes! Absolutely, send us a quick email requesting to upgrade and we’ll gladly do the rest!

Yes, all you have to do is log into you’re my account and select “Skip” BEFORE the auto-renew date on the 11th of the month prior.

All memberships auto renew on the 1st of each month. In order to cancel your membership, you must log in before the 1st and cancel. If you log in on or after the 1st your account will be cancelled on the following month.

When you complete your profile there will be a place to tell us all about your allergies. We do our best to accommodate allergies as a matter of fact we also display on our product page but we highly recommend you to reading all labels when you get your bag.

Yes and no! This new feature of free shipping we just added for Customers buying over $75/ in the United States as a standard shipping only and for subscription products.

YES! Unfortunately, Canada falls under international shipping costs and we are unable to offer this for free. BUT we only charge a small flat rate. Delivery times range from 7 -14 days, please check our shipping & delivery schedule.

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